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Verdura Introduces "Fulco Before Verdura, A Tale of Two Cities" Holiday 2015 Collection


Verdura Introduces

 “Fulco Before Verdura, A Tale of Two Cities” 

Holiday 2015 Collection


As a follow up to the highly successful anniversary celebrations and milestone New York retrospective exhibition, The Power of Style, Verdura at 75, Verdura presents its Holiday 2015 Collection, which delves deeper into the origins of the Duke Fulco di Verdura's design genius.


Fulco Before Verdura, A Tale of Two Cities contrasts two chapters of Fulco di Verdura's work in the 1930s: his Byzantine-inspired work with Coco Chanel in Paris and his decidedly modern designs for Golden Age film stars in Hollywood. The Holiday Collection will compare and contrast these two completely different periods which were only separated by a few short years in the 1930s.


The Holiday 2015 Collection features colorful Byzantine necklaces, earrings and bracelets and variations on Hollywood classics. A new introduction this Fall is the Topkapi cuff, inspired by the Byzantine architectural details of the Topkapi Palace. Verdura is also presenting a Curb-Link earring, a design originally made famous by Greta Garbo and an all-gold Lily bracelet, originally designed for Marlene Dietrich.